A full list of everything that isn't allowed!


  • Yellow: Does not have a punishment.
  • Green: Will result in a kick/mute OR a warning at first.
  • Blue: Will result in a jail/mute.
  • Orange: Will result in a temporary ban.
  • Red: Will result in a permanent ban.

NOTE: These are NOT set in stone, and may change depending on the harshness of the offense.


1. SCAMMING: It is NOT illegal to scam other players in our server! It is your responsibility to make sure that you're not going to be tricked by another player. However, you do have the right to ASK a Staff member to moderate a trade for you to make sure you won't be scammed.

2. CLAIMING INACTIVE STRUCTURES: To claim an inactive structure that belongs to another player, place a VISIBLE sign near the structure you're trying to claim and put this on the sign:

Line 1: Claim type (Chest, Door, Entire Home)

Line 2: Date (MM/DD/YY)

Line 3: Your Name

After a week has passed, you must message a Staff member, and they will be able to unlock the structures you claimed. NOTE: You CANNOT claim stuff in a Town unless you are the Mayor of the town!

3. CAPS/SPAM/HARASSMENT: It is illegal to spam the chat in ANY way! This includes /me and /msg. We also do not allow harassment (such as spawn camping), prejudice, or excessive caps in chat. What is considered harassment is up to the staff and is on a case to case basis, As a rule of thumb don't disable anyone from playing on the server in any form.

4. TOWNY MAYOR: It is illegal to prevent a player who is leaving your town (for any reason) from getting ALL of their items back. If you were kicked from a town or never had the chance to get your items, contact Staff to help you! Also, it is ILLEGAL for a mayor to disband their town without giving their members at least one week to find a new place to live.

5. ENVIRONMENT DAMAGE:It is illegal to damage the environment with such things as excessive: Fire, Water, Lava, Floating Trees, Destroyed Structures, Dirt Bridges, Dirt Towers, Taint Damage, etc.

6. TAINT DAMAGE:Just to reiterate the Environment Damage rule, using taing to grief towns, plots, or any other protected area is illegal.

7. PVP: PVP is allowed in all areas that are not protected from PVP.
NOTE: There is a fine line between fun PVP and harassment.

8. GRIEF: Griefing IS allowed outside of areas that are protected by the server or Towny. You can use LWC to protect your stuff! Griefing is defined as stealing, breaking structures, or in any way altering something that does not belong to you!

9. MOB SPAWNERS: It is illegal to create mob traps/grinders/farms. If you own a spawner, the mobs that come from the spawner MUST be able to hit you and cannot be blocked off by any obstacles.

10. USING TELEPORTATION ILLEGALLY: It is illegal to use ANY form of teleportation or way to grant access into places you wouldn't normally be able to enter. This includes the use of portable holes, spells, items, etc. in Towns and Server Structures. Usage of Offensive Spells to teleport other players in any way with out there permission is also Illegal.

11. FLIM FLAM ENCHANTMENT: It is illegal to put the Flim Flam enchantment from Open Blocks on any item! If a player is caught with this enchantment, the item with the enchantment will be removed and NOT replaced. He/she may also be tempbanned if they are a repeat offender.

12. BYPASSING WORLDGUARD: It is (obviously) illegal to bypass WorldGuard protections. This includes PVP, placing blocks, breaking blocks, etc.

13. BLACKMAIL: Blackmail of staff or other players when it comes to breaking rules is illegal, no matter what. This mainly applies to a player trying to convince a player or staff to do something illegal.

14. USING BANNED ITEMS: This rule cannot be any more straightforward - if you are in possession of, or are using banned items, you are breaking this rule. You can find the list of the banned items here.

15. BYPASSING WITH PIPES: It is entirely against the rules to use project-red pipes to bypass LWCs, or use pipes for any form of world-guard, towny, or LWC bypassing.

16. OFFENSIVE CHAT/CONTENT: It is illegal to create any content (chat, buildings, skins, etc.) that is racist, prejudice, or discriminatory of another race, gender, culture, religion, etc. This rule is taken VERY seriously!

17. DUPLICATING ITEMS: You may not, under any circumstances, duplicate any item. If you find a duplication glitch, send a PRIVATE message a staff member either on the forums or on the server. You will not be banned for reporting a duplication glitch, so long as you did not previously take advantage of it.

18. CHEATING/HACKING/EXPLOITING: It is illegal to use any form of cheat, hack, exploit, glitch, etc. on the server. This is STRICTLY forbidden and will not be tolerated under any circumstances! This includes such things as: block glitching, x-ray, autoclickers, hacking programs/mods, etc.

There are not as many rules in this section, but they are equally important! Punishments for violating these rules will generally stick to warnings, but if the offense becomes a real problem, the punishment may be more severe.

1. DOUBLE POSTS: Please refrain from double posts. At the bottom of all of your posts, their is an option to edit your post. Please use that, rather than posting twice consecutively. Please keep in mind, however, that no one is alerted when you edit a post, so do not edit something in the hopes of bumping a thread.

2.PICTURES: When posting pictures, please surround the picture in [SPOILER][/SPOILER] tags. This is just an aesthetic thing, and can prevent a thread from being entirely covered in pictures unnecessarily.

3. NECROING: Necroing is defined as posting on an old thread solely for posting. You may not post on threads that have not been replied to in at least a week. Threads with the "OFFICIAL" Prefix are the exception.

4. SOCKPUPPET ACCOUNTS: If you have been banned from the forums or server, you may not create a second account. Alternate accounts will be deleted.

5. CAPS/SPAM/HARASSMENT: The same rules apply here as on the server. No excessive vulgarity (you are allowed to swear, but if you're using f*ck like a comma, you're probably being excessive). Racism or sexism will not be tolerated at all.

6. MEMES: Memes are allowed in off-topic, but only there. Any post that uses a meme outside of the Off-Topic forum will have the meme removed.

7. ADVERTISING: Advertising services, websites, or anything else not of or relating to the server will result in a ban. If your first (or close to) post is an advertisement, we will assume you are only here to advertise, and will ban you without hesitation.

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